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All material for survivalism and collapsology.

The society in which we live will evolve and tend towards the collapse of industrial civilization.
Get ready now, before being caught off guard.



  • Survival equipment
    <p>Survival gear at low price on</p>
  • Solar energy
    <p>Solar panels and chargers at low price on</p>
  • Survival knives
    <p>Knives and survival tools cheap on</p>
  • Flashlights
    <p>Flashlights at low price on</p>
  • Security equipment
    <p>Cheap safety equipment on</p>
  • Autodéfense
    <p>Tools for self-defense at low price on</p>
  • Protective suits
    <p>Protection suits against bacteriological and chemical risks as well as protection of toxic and corrosive products on</p>
  • Radioactivity and...
    <p>Detection and measurement of radioactivity and electromagnetic fields on</p>
  • Gas masks
    <p>Gas masks at the best price on</p>
  • Safety shoes
    <p>Safety shoes for hiking, work and protection in extreme environments on</p>
  • Anti cut gloves
    <p>Anti-cut gloves for gripping a knife by its blade or performing work safely</p>
  • Anti-pollution masks
    <p>Anti-pollution masks to protect against harmful particles to the lungs on</p>
  • First aid kits
    <p>Emergency kits essential for survival, but also for everyday life, hiking ...</p>
  • Protective glasses
    <p>Protective glasses against dust, chemicals, toxic products, indispensable for all works</p>

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